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Arbitration is different from mediation, in that, arbitration is similar to the court process. Testimony and evidence are presented by both parties and a neutral third party, (the arbitrator), listens and makes a decision based on this evidence. Advantage Mediation of New Braunfels is the leader in Arbitration.

Arbitration may be voluntary or court ordered. It may be used to settle disputes of fact, law or procedure between parties to a contract without court action.

In mediation, the mediator facilitates negotiations between the parties and they must both agree to a settlement. In arbitration, the arbitrator makes the final decision and that decision is binding and enforceable in court.

In most arbitrations the arbitrator has special knowledge of the subject matter or is an expert in that field. Most arbitrators are also attorney’s familiar with the law and how to weigh the testimony and evidence. Picking the right arbitrator for your case is key. If I am not proficient on the subject matter of your dispute I will help you find someone who is.

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