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Contract disputes incorporate a multitude of professions and situations. Any disagreement between two people who are bound by a contract whether assumed or in a binding legal agreement may fall under this category. Doctor-patient, contractor-client, employer-employee, landlord-tenant, attorney-client, HOA-homeowner, nuisance, and many other conflicts may fall under this large category.

It can be very costly to go to court with the hope of resolving many of these disputes. Many of these cases stem from misunderstanding, assumptions and otherwise plain human error. Mediation is the perfect way to resolve these disputes, hearing the other party’s perspective face to face. There is, in most circumstances, room for compromise between the parties and the success rate of mediation in these cases is high.

Advantage Mediation will facilitate open discussions between the parties with a structured method for problem solving. All solutions will be entertained and assessed by the parties discussing the pros and cons to each. Each party will be able to weigh in equally on the suggested solutions and give their input. Settlement is high when each party can focus on the big picture and some concessions are made. There is a general presumption of confidentiality in mediation which will be adhered to strictly.

Advantage Mediation services New Braunfels, San Antonio, Austin and all surrounding counties in six areas of mediation practice.

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