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Elder mediation is important for families dealing with an aging parent or parents who do not want to leave their end of life decisions to the courts. Elder mediation allows parties to identify information relevant to their family, identify issues to resolve and propose possible options for settlement. Through mediation an agreement is reached mutually rather than being imposed by a judge.

Mediation can be empowering for older adults and gives them some control over the decisions being made on their behalf. Mediation may take place at any time and a family does not have to wait for their older loved one to be incapacitated. It is preferable that families come together before there is a crisis to plan for the future to avoid conflict when that time comes. These mediations may include other parties who can help with this plan: estate attorney’s, medical personnel, caregivers or a nursing home delegate.v

These mediations help to resolve questions about money and who will control it, medical and end of life choices, inheritance, guardianships, real estate sales and living arrangements. Families come together and work through their different views and opinions in a safe and controlled atmosphere with the best interests of the older adult at heart.

Elder mediation may also help conflicts between caregivers and clients, nursing homes and clients or families and elder abuse cases. An experienced mediator, credentialed in Elder mediation training is key to understanding the multiple issues and helping to preserve the older adults’ dignity throughout the process.

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