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Elizabeth has over 27 years’ experience in divorce, custody, domestic violence, adoption and reconciliation. Family law mediation may include paternity, child custody and support, domestic violence, grandparent’s rights and other issues that arise within a family in which the primary couple may or may not be legally married. Divorce mediation strives to separate the parties from a legal marriage and determine issues of child custody, visitation and support, spousal support, domestic violence and property division.

Advantage Mediation's Elizabeth Preston has over 27 years' of experience in divorce, custody, domestic violence, adoption and reconciliation.

These areas of mediation are the most personal because you are dealing with relationships in the immediate family. Mediation should help ease anxieties, allow the parties to speak freely and focus on constructive ideas for reaching a settlement. Each party, through their attorneys, if they are represented, should have equal input into that settlement agreement. Each party taking responsibility for his or her own fate saves them money and results in greater satisfaction with the outcome. Studies have shown that parties who participate in the decision making have a better relationship with the other party after the mediation and are more likely to comply with the agreement.

At Advantage Mediation the goal is to help you resolve your differences and the issues you present in a way that preserves a working relationship with the other party after the mediation, particularly if children are involved. If there are issues of domestic violence or other reasons for the parties to have no future contact, our goal is to separate the parties and resolve all issues on the table in a complete and final settlement. Each case is unique and brings with it a different set of emotions and history. A brief background will be provided prior to mediation by the party’s attorney or the party, if appearing pro se. This is not to argue the issues for either side, but to expedite the process and save the parties time and money. The nature of the disputes and number of issues to resolve will determine how long the mediation will last. Full and half day mediation are offered, with the majority of Family Law and Divorce mediation taking a full day.

Family Law & Divorce Mediation services amicably divorce, custody, domestic violence, adoption and reconciliation from Advantage Mediation.

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