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Mediation can be a great tool to resolve claims without the risk, expense and time required to prosecute or defend the claim.

Mediation also tends to “level the playing field” before party’s lawyer up before trial. Often the claims adjuster and defense attorney will attend, but other parties may be involved, including the defendant or representatives from another insurance company, carrying additional policies, and of course the plaintiff and his or her attorney.

These mediations are confidential and information disclosed to the mediator may not be used negatively against either party in trial. Personal Injury mediation can be stressful on a plaintiff and initial posturing should be expected. Like poker, no one wants to show their hand, but after the initial opening statements the mediator will work with the parties to address both sides strengths and weaknesses. Being realistic with expectations, on both sides, is key to compromising and creating an agreement. Mediation leaves the outcome in your hands as opposed to a jury’s, which can be highly unpredictable.

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