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CAM Credentialed Advanced Mediator 2020 - Texas Mediator Texas Bar College - A Professional Society of Legal Scholars

Advantage of Mediation

Mediation has multiple advantages over traditional litigation in all areas of the law:

  • Resolves disputes quicker
  • Less costly than trial
  • Relaxed, informal setting
  • Private and confidential
  • Parties maintain control over outcome
  • Preserves relationships moving forward
  • Comfortable and well lit
  • In-Person and ZOOM Mediation available (learn more)

Due to the overcrowding in the court system you may not get your day in court for months or even years. Unlike litigation…

The Court System is backlogged with cases - Advantage Mediation can settle grievances outside the court.

"Through the years I discovered, the courtrooms backlogged for months on simple cases. Court was highly stressful on my clients, wasteful of both the client's time and money and produced outcomes that were not always in the best interest of the parties. In my private practice I encouraged people to settle their grievances, when possible, outside of court. I now enjoy facilitating settlements that leave both parties satisfied with the outcome, while saving them time and money. I believe compassion, creative solutions and level heads are the key to success. Advantage Mediation fosters all of these in a comfortable setting for all parties."

- Elizabeth H. Preston

Advantage Mediation - Areas of Practice

Family Law & Divorce Mediation services in San Antonio and Central Texas area from Advantage Mediation.

Elizabeth has over 27 years’ experience in divorce, custody, domestic violence, adoption and reconciliation. Family law mediation may include paternity, child custody and...


Mediation can be a great tool to resolve claims without the risk, expense and time required to prosecute or defend the claim. Mediation also tends to “level the playing field”...

Advantage Mediation areas of practice including Contract Dispute Mediation serving San Antonio & Central Texas

Contract disputes incorporate a multitude of professions and situations. Any disagreement between two people who are bound by a contract whether assumed or in a binding legal...

Elder Care Mediation services can be a great tool to resolve claims without the risk, expense and time required to prosecute or defend the claim from Advantage Mediation.

Elder mediation is important for families dealing with an aging parent or parents who do not want to leave their end of life decisions to the courts. Elder mediation allows...

Education mediation encompasses several areas pertaining to conflicts between parents, educators, students and service providers from Advantage Mediation.

Education mediation encompasses several areas pertaining to conflicts between parents, educators, students and service providers. These areas may include, special education...

Arbitration is similar to the court process with testimony and evidence presented to a neutral third party. Learn more at Advantage Mediation.

Arbitration is different from mediation, in that, arbitration is similar to the court process. Testimony and evidence are presented by both parties and a neutral third party, (the...

About Elizabeth "Sissy" Preston

Elizabeth has been practicing law in the State of Texas and Missouri for over 27 years. She grew up in New Braunfels and attended St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio. She was a former Domestic Violence prosecutor in Bexar County and an Appellate Attorney for Child Support Enforcement and the Department of Social Services with the State of Missouri. She was in private practice for over 25 years with extensive Family Law experience in all areas including divorce, child custody, alienation, domestic violence and adoption. Other areas include personal injury, discrimination, landlord-tenant, real estate, insurance, medical malpractice, construction, contract, education disputes, elder law, wills and estates and appellate law.

In 2010 Elizabeth became a credentialed mediator with training in Basic, Advanced Family, (including Domestic Violence), Elder Care and Arbitration. Advantage Mediation was opened with her law office in Houston, Texas in 2010, but after returning to New Braunfels, she has opened her office solely concentrating on mediation.

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Creative, Compassionate, Successful

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